Since June 2020, a new technology is available with the release of FDT® 3.0, which combines the experience of 20 years of FDT and the new possibilities of IoT. FDT is a worldwide established standard for parameterization, configuration and maintenance of field devices. With the new option of making these applications available on any mobile device, in web browsers and on various operating systems, completely new perspectives are opening up for system vendors and device manufacturers to offer users innovative solutions.

Digitalization requires vendors to provide the permeability of their systems from the smallest sensor to the ERP level and beyond if necessary. In addition, data-based business models are a key pillar for the future. For all this, FDT 3.0 with the FDT IIoT Server (FITS) offers an ideal platform to use established and proven standards as a foundation for one's own ideas and to reduce investment budgets and time-to-market to a minimum.

With M&M Software you have a partner at your disposal, who helped to develop FDT from the cradle and who has been involved in the development of FDT for over two decades. Essential development and test tools have been created at M&M – partly also on behalf of the FDT Group. The participation in all important working groups of the FDT Group and the experience from many FDT development projects ensures the competitive advantage for the realization of your FDT projects.

The integrated OPC UA Server from FITS offers an optimal basis for new, data-driven business models. FDT 3.0 DTMs deliver data of devices to an OPC Server, which makes them available universally. The further processing – e.g. by means of artificial intelligence – and the creation of completely new offers to the users is the focus of attention.

Are you not sure whether FITS / FDT 3.0 is the right technology for your new product? With the experience from countless projects in all areas of industrial automation, especially device integration, IIoT, Cloud Solutions and 24 / 7 applications, M&M will provide you with solid advice right from the start to support you in the realization.

FDT FRAME Integration

M&M assists you with the integration of the official FRAME Common Component (fdtCONTAINER) for desktop applications in your host system. Test-drive the current FRAME application here:


M&M offers integration support to add the official Server Common Component to your system. This also includes extending the FITS Server by adding individual features that make your software solution unique and ready for a new era of automation.

DTM Development

M&M develops DTMs, including FDT 3.0 DTMs that are accessible on web/mobile, for field devices and communication components quickly and efficiently based on our development platform dtmMANAGER. We also convert DD / FDI packages to a DTM (basicDTM) for you.

Development tools

M&M offers FDT tooling to enable your development team to focus on the essential parts of your software. dtmMANAGER lowers the bar to your DTM. fdtCONTAINER is the reliable and sustainable foundation of your FDT frame application.

DTM Test & Certification

M&M is an official FDT Accredited Test Site for all your DTM testing needs. As the developer of the official toolset for testing, we assist you in preparing your DTMs for the testing procedure to avoid any conformance issues.


M&M helps you find your very own and future-proof device management strategy, which also takes the latest technology innovations and trends, such FDT 3.0 (FITS), FDI and EDDL, web-based parametrization, Edge computing, etc. into account.


For more information about M&M Software’s FDT products and services, please visit:


The first FDT 3 DTM for Flowserve Corporation

During the presentation of the FDT 3.0 standard, Flowserve also presented the first FDT 3.0 DTM. The development was carried out by M&M Software.

The DTM supports Logix 3820 actuators and enables the operation, parameterization and analysis of these complex devices. The HTML5 user interfaces of the DTM run in any browser as well as on mobile devices. This enables true remote, wireless operation without any connectivity issues. This DTM is characterized by a large number of application-oriented UIs and give complete access to all new features of FITS Server.

An impressive demo can be viewed at

The development was implemented quickly and efficiently by M&M using the DTM-Toolkit dtmMANAGER. It was possible to largely reuse UI-Designs from the older DTMs. Only the technological adaptation for HTML5 and for different, smaller sized screens (Responsive Design) had to be carried out.

Volker Herbst - Sales Manager
Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

Sales Manager

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Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

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