Similar things are also possible in the field of software development. You can modernize the existing software solution. There are different options:

A pure software modernization is the step-by-step adaptation of an existing software solution that may be a bit outdated but still ready for service. Gradually, this solution will be revised to meet current requirements and the latest technological standards. This procedure also ensures that the modernized solution can cope with future application scenarios and extensions.

Another modernization option is Lift & Shift. This is the principle of adapting an existing application either completely, with no or only a few necessary changes to the source code, so that it can be made available in the Cloud. Gradual additions and extensions through cloud services can then be carried out as required.

Under what circumstances is this procedure useful?

It is worth considering the modernization of a software solution if this solution meets some or all of the following criteria:

  • The development took place over a longer period of time, or caused larger expenditures.
  • A classification as "Mission Critical" is given or at least the omission causes obstacles.
  • The solution is constantly developed and extended.
  • The maintenance efforts are already very high and continue to increase.
  • Development intervals for new functionality take (too) long.
  • The solutions is based on obsolete technologies that no longer fit into the modern IT landscape, which increases operating costs.
  • Scalability and availability of the application should be increased.
  • The software should be used in combination with other (cloud) solutions.

This list is not complete. However, it is intended to show you points where it is worth thinking about modernizing the software solution that has been in use for many years and migrating it to the Cloud.

We provide you with detailed advice on this topic: individually and tailored to your specific application. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and with over 30 years of software experience, M&M Software has expert knowledge in various areas.

Would you like to make an appointment (virtual meeting) and be informed about software modernization and Lift & Shift?

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To be continued in the second part

For more details about the technical implementation using Kubernetes and how the orchestration of container systems works, please read the second part of this article, which we will publish in the next M&M Newsletter.

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