Maximizing customer value has always been a central strategic mission of our management, and we encourage M&M Software employees to consistently follow this maxim. Customer centricity is therefore not just a nice word at M&M Software, but a lived reality for a long time. All our functional areas are focused on you as our customer and ensure that our services generate maximum benefit for you.

You Can Rely on Open and Stable Relationships

Having an established contact person at all functional levels guarantees you stable and predictable relationships on which you can plan with confidence. If changes need to be made, we coordinate them closely with you.

Moreover, we like to maintain an intensive exchange with our customers about the respective company strategies. This helps us to understand your needs and requirements even better. And it helps you to identify the areas where we could provide additional support.

In this regard, regular annual meetings at the project level, as well as management meetings with the participation of our executive board, are helpful.

Let Our Flexibility Make Your Life Easier

Our guiding principle is: To make your life easier, we adapt to you as much as possible. This means that our agile development processes can be optimally adapted to your individual needs (tailoring). In this way, we sustainably avoid unnecessary frictional losses in day-to-day business without having to cut back on quality. This also applies to all our other departments that interact with you.

We Focus on Your Benefit

Already during project initialization, our experienced consultants help you to deal professionally with the complexity of the start-up phase and guide your project in the right direction from the outset. This saves costs and significantly reduces the risk of any disappointment later.

Once implementation really gets underway, all members of the development teams consider it their fundamental task to maximize your benefits with their solutions. Identified problems for the customer are discussed together and solved quickly and pragmatically.

We Always Keep You Up to Date

Our customers can track the status of projects from various perspectives online and always up to date. Our IT provides you with appropriate access to our development systems. In case of any problems, our IT will support you in solving them quickly and efficiently.

In addition, you receive monthly status reports for your projects, which provide you with a highly informative summary of the current project progress, including a personal assessment of our project managers, and openly show any risks identified, including the necessary corrective measures.

And of course, you will be kept permanently up to date by our teams anyway, so that there are as few unpleasant surprises for you as possible.

Our Offer for You: Cost Transparency

We usually invoice our services monthly and as detailed as you require for your internal processes. We offer you the highest level of transparency, so that the allocation of expenses to specific features remains easily traceable and you can always keep an eye on the running costs.

Customer Interests as a Management Task

Each project is handled by an experienced senior project manager who keeps his eyes on the customer and makes sure that justified customer interests are strictly prioritized.

The interests of the customer are also always in the center of attention of our sales engineers. In case of any discrepancies in project execution, they ensure a mutually beneficial reconciliation of interests and actively help to resolve the problem in a pragmatic and rapid manner.

We Listen to You

We use customer surveys to measure customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis as part of our ISO9001 Quality Management System. This helps us to track the effectiveness of our measures and to detect systematic or selective undesirable developments at an early stage.

But we also use your feedback to find out more about your expectations for the future. In recent years, we have added many new areas to our service portfolio. In addition to the numerous cutting-edge technology topics, this also includes important topics such as usability, security, third-party rights and IP, operation of cloud solutions and SLAs, and many more.

Quite Simply, We Offer You More

We not only want satisfied customers, but enthusiastic customers who can fully rely on us. That is what we work on every day.  Take the chance and become an enthusiastic customer of M&M Software.