Agriculture faces the immense challenge of securing the growing demand for food from a steadily growing world population. At the same time, as a primary producer, it must ensure the sustainability of production and bears enormous responsibility for the preservation of vital environmental goods such as soil, water and climate.

We see digitalization improving agricultural production on various levels

The evaluation of sensor data allows e.g. in the case of arable land planning, a crop adapted to the respective site. Resources such as fertilizer, pesticides, seeds and irrigation are saved.

At the management level, access to real-time data supports decision-making, especially since smart farming not only includes individual machines or the data of individual applications but encompasses the entire farm operation. All captured data is collected and analyzed in the cloud. Thus, well-founded company-specific evaluations can be generated (for example about soil condition and planting condition, climate, use of resources). These analyzes can be accessed at any time from any mobile device.

And consumers, too, benefit from greater transparency and complete traceability of the product chain.


Dirk Stadtherr - Sales Manager
Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

Sales Manager

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