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8th M&M Impulse Talk - Generative AI: Fictitious dream or real opportunity for value creation?

Generative AI is revolutionising all industries. In the M&M Impulse Talk, generative AI expert Kai Ebert and our Data & AI Consultant Rainer Duda discuss how generative AI can be used to create value.

Thu, 04.07.2024 16:00 - Thu, 04.07.2024, 18:00 

Exclusive expert talk with Kai Ebert from SYZYGY and Rainer Duda from M&M Software

Imagine if your machines could not only analyze data, but also produce creative content. Generative AI makes this possible and is revolutionizing entire industries. Since ChatGPT generative AI has become a daily companion for many of us. But watch out: Generative AI is more than just ChatGPT. 

In the upcoming Impulse Talk, generative AI expert Kai Ebert and our Data & AI Consultant Rainer Duda will show you how you can use generative AI to add value. They will use practical examples from Hymer and Mutabor.AI. Bold approaches open up potential for new business models and intelligent products.

In focus:

  1. Experience cross-industry transformation: See how generative AI is revolutionizing not only IT, but also manufacturing, retail and media. Learn from leading companies how AI increases efficiency and enables new business models.
  2. Push creative and operational boundaries: Learn how AI is redefining content creation and task automation. Reduce costs, boost creativity and transform your customer communications to stand out from the competition.
  3. Master strategic implementation: Gain insights into effective AI strategies. We'll show you how pilot projects and user feedback can help you successfully implement AI and realize its full potential.

Many companies are already using generative AI to their advantage:
At the Hannover Messe, Schneider Electric and Siemens showed how large language models significantly simplify and automate PLC programming. At the same time, AI-generated texts and images are flooding the internet and changing corporate communication. ALDI and Hymer are intensively testing generative AI in their campaigns and opening new fields of application.

Let us inform and inspire you. Discuss with us how you can initiate use cases in your company and share your experiences.


Kai Ebert


Kai Ebert has been Director Growth at the SYZYGY Group since April 2024, where he is responsible for holistic growth. With over 20 years of experience in the digital agency industry, he has a broad knowledge of everything from AI to digital marketing and eCommerce. Prior to his current position, he worked for companies such as Jung von Matt, Fork Unstable Media and Valtech as General Manager and Strategic Marketing Lead.


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Rainer Duda


Rainer Duda is a Data & AI Consultant at M&M Software and advises companies on the development of data-driven business models and the realization of AI-supported applications. He has worked for many years as a data scientist at the renowned Institute for Telematics (TECO) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), including on the Smart Data Solution Centre Baden-W├╝rttemberg (SDSC BW) project, and holds lectureships in multivariate statistics and applied data science.


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