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Cloud-based power data analysis

If hackers or a technical power failure breaks a company's servers, outages can cause millions of dollars in losses. Correct Power has invented a method for monitoring data centers that quickly detects anomalies in the power supply using AI technology and thus ensures high availability of IT systems. The approach: Controllers collect all power and environmental data and transmit it for analysis into the cloud. There, the corresponding AI technologies are being applied.

Project description

Correct Power is specialized in design, implementation, modernization and monitoring of data centers and server rooms. The company has developed a data center monitoring concept that aims for maximum power availability. It records the power and environmental data of up to 15,000 data points per data center. Analysis, error handling and archiving of the data takes place in the Azure cloud of Microsoft.

The WAGO cloud developed by M&M Software receives the data from the individual WAGO PFC controllers. The controllers are managed via the web portal. In addition to permanent monitoring of the power supply, ambient values such as humidity, temperature and pressure are also monitored simultaneously.  If it is too warm in the server room, the sensitive computers do not deliver their peak performance and energy consumption increases. In such cases, the temperature is automatically regulated by the air conditioning system and the cloud sends a warning.

The collected data is sent once a day to the analysis database developed by Correct-Power (which also resides in the Microsoft Azure Cloud). There, fully automatic reports are created and sent to the respective recipients. Thanks to these reports, Correct Power's customers are aware of the condition and energy consumption of their data centers.


End customer benefits

  • Anomalies in power supply and power consumption are quickly detected by AI technology
  • The availability of the IT systems is ensured and the performance and competitiveness of the company is maintained; the risks of the power supply are minimized.



Sector(s): Scientific Institute

Customer: Correct Power Institute GmbH

Development process: Agile


Applied technologies

WAGO Cloud, Azure IoT Services, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Automation, Palo Alto VPN Appliance

WAGO Cloud is a cloud based SaaS application for device and data management of WAGO controllers. The backend of the application is based on the following Azure Services: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure CDN, Service Fabric, Azure SQL Database, KeyVault, Application Insight, Azure Monitor, Service Bus / Event Hub, PowerBI Embedded and the Application Gateway. The frontend of the application is a single page application based on Angular.