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Google Firebase vs. Microsoft App Center

Google Firebase and Microsoft App Center are both mobile application development platforms that provide tools and services to make developers' jobs easier. Both platforms include analytics, diagnostics, and logging. Based on the use of App Center in customer projects and the increasing need for analytics, let's analyze which platform is better for you.

Firebase is a platform developed by Google that provides a set of tools and services for mobile application developers. This includes features such as a real-time database, cloud storage, hosting, and more. The following image provides an overview of all the features:


Microsoft developed the App Center platform, which also provides tools and services for mobile app development, including build automation, bug reporting, custom events, and more. The second figure shows an overview of all the App Center features:


As you can see from the two figures, Firebase has a much broader feature set than App Center. In addition, Firebase offers convenient analytics that provide developers with information about how their application is being used. In addition, Firebase offers several diagnostic tools that help find and fix errors in the application. It is also possible to use logging functions to get detailed information about the application usage.

The App Center also provides a good selection of analytics, such as usage or error reports. App Center also offers a diagnostic tool for troubleshooting. Additional log files can be written by creating custom events. Another advantage of App Center is that it offers easy and good integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Azure DevOps.

Despite the differences, both platforms offer very good diagnostics, logging, and metrics capabilities. While Firebase offers extensive analytics and application management capabilities, App Center offers a simplification of CI/CD processes. However, Google Firebase is easier to use.

It is important to note that both platforms are constantly being updated and improved. Therefore, it is worthwhile to regularly check for updates and new features.

In summary, both platforms offer good functionality for diagnostics, logging, and key performance indicators. However, it is always important to consider the specific requirements of a project before choosing a platform.

Our team of experts can help you decide which platform is right for your project.

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As head of the Digital Solutions division at M&M Software, Ralf Simon is responsible for various projects involving mobile applications. Recent technological developments in the mobile application market, which make it possible to make application development much more productive and to gain valuable data from application usage, led to the call for proposals for this thesis.

About the author


Jasmin Gebhard is studying BusinessNetworks at the Faculty of Business Informatics at Furtwangen University. As part of her bachelor thesis entitled "Comparison and Evaluation of Different Development Platforms", which she wrote together with M&M Software, she compared the two development platforms App Center from Microsoft and Firebase from Google.

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