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IHK-SBH webinar: Personalised AI agents as a turbo in process optimisation

During the presentation, our AI expert Rainer Duda will explain the current state of the technology, the framework conditions for value-adding use and future-oriented application possibilities for AI agents.

The development of large language models has made significant progress in recent years, with their capabilities and areas of application being continuously expanded. Originally limited to pure text processing, these models are now increasingly equipped with multimodal capabilities. This means that they not only understand and generate text, but can also interpret and react to other forms of human communication such as images, audio and video.

These multimodal capabilities make large language models more efficient and versatile AI agents. They can be used in a variety of areas, especially in process optimisation, for example by quickly analysing data, recognising patterns and making suggestions for optimisation. However, the successful use of such agents in process optimisation requires a careful approach. It is important to carefully select and integrate the various components of the overall system. Only if this is successful can the use of large language models really add value.

In his presentation, our Data & AI Consultant Rainer Duda will show the current state of the technology, framework conditions for value-adding use and future-oriented practical application possibilities.

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