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Increase Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction in Production with InterSystems IRIS

In the manufacturing industry, production planning and production are often out of sync. To name just a few problems: unplanned stoppages, maintenance, long setup times, poor machine utilization, delayed feedback from run cards, and spindle changes. Planning takes place in the planner's office on the basis of customer orders - physically separated from production in the production hall at the machines. This makes it all the more important for companies to bring together the available information and use it to optimize the production flow.

Merging order and planning data from the ERP system with data from production-related systems in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers a number of benefits for production, including increased efficiency through automation and monitoring of the production process. By analyzing production data, potential errors and problems can be detected early and corrective action can be taken automatically. This reduces or eliminates downtime, improves production quality, and increases customer satisfaction.

Often, the implementation of a standard MES product fails due to lack of employee involvement, integration issues, and data inconsistencies. It is therefore important that all stakeholders work closely together and provide the necessary resources to ensure a successful MES implementation.

A custom software solution based on a flexible data platform can address and solve these issues. Processes are optimized and necessary external systems and data are taken into account. To get everyone involved in the optimization process excited and on board, M&M Software conducts user story mapping with them - the workers, production and shift management, and production planning. Everyone is involved based on their role and activities. This not only sheds light on the work processes, but also outlines problems and possible solutions through the use of the production planning system.


At the heart of the solution is the Data Fabric, where data is collected, processed, managed and made available. At M&M, we have had very good experience with the InterSystems IRIS data platform, which with the UCT (Ultimate Control Tower) provides the perfect basis for a Smart Data Fabric. A large number of ready-made interfaces are available for the connection of third-party systems such as ERP systems, production machines as well as local data such as Excel and much more. The powerful and scalable system can be operated on-premise - i.e. on the company's own servers - in the Cloud or as a hybrid solution, depending on the company's requirements.

Based on the data platform, a web and mobile application tailored to the users (operators, production management, production planning) is created. The monitoring and management application is implemented as part of a software project with the users using agile development (Scrum). In two-week sprints, the data is connected, the KPIs are visualized and discussed and optimized in a review with the users.

By directly involving users, the MES system gains high acceptance, is fully integrated into the company's processes, and increases efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


If you would like more information on how UCT can optimize your production or would like a demonstration, please contact our team of experts.

About the author


Marcel Göller is a project manager and product owner at M&M Software, responsible for planning and implementing Cloud projects. With a focus on data analysis and visualization, he and his team support customers in unlocking new value potentials.

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