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Optimized energy generation and management using WAGO Cloud

Electricity is an indispensable part of daily life; Reliably available at all times, so that daily life is as usual. The same applies to heat - a handle to the heating thermostat and it is pleasantly warm, whether at home, at work, in hospitals or schools.


To ensure this, electricity and heat suppliers must ensure that their energy systems are being used efficiently and adapt their energy supply to customer demand. State-of-the-art evaluation systems ensure security of supply, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Project description

Avacon Natur GmbH, a German energy service provider, operates heat and power plants, heating and cooling networks, heat service facilities and has a large portfolio of plants for the generation of renewable energies.

Avacon Natur uses an energy monitoring solution based on the WAGO Cloud to monitor and evaluate its energy systems and heat networks. In addition to the pure storage of data, the WAGO Cloud also serves as a device and asset management tool, as a tool for alarms and notifications and, with its dashboards, provides its own components for individual evaluations. Furthermore, the cloud serves as a data supplier to the Siemens energy data management system and other systems such as ERP or CRM solutions. WAGO PFC200 controllers record and collect measurement data on heat quantities, flow rates, flow and return temperatures and other process data. Thus, small and medium-sized generation plants can be monitored, meter readings can be collected and managed. In order to efficiently balance the supply of energy and demand, data is reliably collected, monitored and analyzed. In addition to the WAGO PFC, data security is also ensured by the exclusively encrypted transmission of data to the Cloud. In addition to the WAGO PFC, data security is also ensured by the exclusively encrypted transmission of data to the Cloud. Data can also be exchanged with systems from other energy providers or partners, and via interfaces from the cloud to on-premise systems or other cloud services.

In addition to development support in the Azure Cloud environment, M&M also supports Avacon Natur GmbH in the area of "Operation and Maintenance" of the two systems WAGO Cloud Individual and Siemens Energy Data Management. Specialists from M&M continuously monitor the cloud environment and are the point of contact for the customer in all matters relating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


End customer benefits

  • undisturbed power supply
  • efficient monitoring
  • flexible data processing/forwarding



Sector(s): Energy industry

Customer: Avacon Natur GmbH

Development process: Agile


Applied technologies

WAGO Cloud, Azure IoT Services, Azure Functions, Logic App, Siemens Energy Manager Pro, PowerBI Dynamics 365 Field Services

WAGO Cloud is a cloud based SaaS application for device and data management of WAGO controllers. The backend of the application is based on the following Azure Services: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure CDN, Service Fabric, Azure SQL Database, KeyVault, Application Insight, Azure Monitor, Service Bus / Event Hub, PowerBI Embedded and the Application Gateway. The frontend of the application is a single page application based on Angular