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Rethink! Smart Manufacturing: How process optimization succeeds with digital twins - the example of ESG

From 2025, laws such as the Product Carbon Footprint and the Supply Chain Act will require companies to exchange data more efficiently. Werner Reuss and Dr. Kristian Schatz present a solution that uses digital twins based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) to manage sustainability data for production facilities and products.

Mon, 24.06.2024 10:15 - Mon, 24.06.2024 10:45

Exclusive presentation with Werner Reuss from Intersystems and Dr. Kristian Schatz from M&M Software

Laws such as the Product Carbon Footprint, the Digital Product Passport and the Supply Chain Act are already affecting many companies today, and all others from 2025 at the latest. These EU directives mean that data from all areas of the company must be exchanged more frequently and more efficiently. In addition to meeting these legal requirements, the topic of sustainability reporting is also becoming increasingly important due to demand from customers and business partners.

At this year's Rethink! Smart Manufacturing in Berlin, Werner Reuß and Dr. Kristian Schatz will be presenting a promising solution that makes it possible to control production facilities and products on the basis of sustainability data. Production facilities and products can be mapped using digital twins based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). Their sustainability information can then be accessed, evaluated and shared across the board.

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In spotlight:

  • A closer look at the digital skills companies need in today's world: People and culture, data, technology and infrastructure
  • Explaining the general data challenges and the level of data maturity in the industry
  • Looking at existing and future industry legislation
  • Introduction to the Digital Twin approach: using Asset Administration Shells (AAS) to integrate asset data


Werner Reuss


Werner Reuss has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and IT industry. He has built up and managed international business units for companies such as Microsoft and Orange Business Services. In the last 10 years, his focus has been on Industry 4.0 and related topics of organizational development. At InterSystems, Werner Reuß is responsible for the strategic positioning of the company in the manufacturing industry.


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Dr. Kristian Schatz


Dr. Kristian Schatz works as Principal Project Manager & Product Owner at M&M Software GmbH. He holds a degree in civil engineering and a doctorate in construction informatics from TU Darmstadt. With more than 15 years of experience in consulting, conception and implementation of digital solutions in the field of digital twins and IoT platforms, he supports his customers in turning their vision of a digital world into reality with the right partners.


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