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Workshop: Asset Administration Shell (1-day)

The AAS workshop from M&M Software will show you how easy it is to implement your product and business ideas with the use of the Open Industry 4.0 reference architecture.

On the Road to Success with the OI4-Architecture

Openness, interoperability, data sovereignty and scalability – these are the attributes that the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance stands for.

The AAS workshop from M&M Software will show you how easy it is to implement your product and business ideas with the use of the Open Industry 4.0 reference architecture.

This one-day workshop is structured in two parts and starts with an introduction to the vision, goals and concepts of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and its reference architecture. The Asset Administration Shell of the OI4A forms an important key point.

The second part focuses on your ideas for new products, services, business models and use cases. We will show you how to realize your plans in a safe, simple and fast way by using the OI4A reference architecture. Based on one of your concrete ideas, we will outline the starting point into a functioning, promising solution concept, which can serve as a basis for further project steps.


Description and Agenda

Part 1: Overview Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Asset Administration Shell

Introduction Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

  • OI4 in the context of Industry 4.0: Vision and goals of the Alliance plus classification in the context of Industry 4.0 including its current status
  • OI4 Organization: Members and structures of the Alliance
  • OI4 Reference Architecture: Concepts, ideas, architecture and reference implementations

Asset Administration Shell (AAS)

  • General introduction: Introduction of the Asset Administration Shell concepts
  • AAS in OI4 solution framework: Using the Asset Administration Shell in the reference architecture
  • Reference Implementations: Introduction to the features and usage of the reference implementation for the AAS in the OI4A

Part 2: Your Ideas for Products, Services and Business Models

Your vision

  • What is your product vision? A brainstorming session or presentation of ideas or visions for products and services
  • What is the business model? Discussion of ideas and plans for suitable business models

Solution ideas

  • What are the specific use cases? Identification of first use cases or MVP candidates to start solution development
  • Do you exchange data with clients / partners / platforms? Is data and information already available or will date be needed in the future?


  • Summary of the results and preparation of the next steps to deepen the knowledge or to start a first step towards solution development.


Workshop Benefits

The AAS workshop from M&M Software

  • demonstrates the structure of OI4A, its goals and working methods, its reference architecture as well as the reference implementation of the Asset Administration Shell.
  • shows the advantages in terms of (among others) investment security, interoperability and a minimization of project risks resulting from the use of the OI4 architecture.
  • focuses on the realization of your new product, service and/or business model ideas though the use of OI4 technologies.
  • delivers an initial solution concept for the implementation of your plans.

At the end of this workshop, you will receive a comprehensive protocol with the developed contents. It can serve as the basis for discussion of upcoming steps.


Reasons for M&M Software

M&M Software

  • is an experienced member of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and is represented in many technical and industry working groups. Take advantage of our technology and knowledge expertise and the power of our network.
  • has been a globally renowned technology and consulting company for technical software solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of our customers for decades.
  • develops top quality software solutions, which are implemented at four locations by over 200 highly qualified employees, making us the ideal partner for your innovation project.
  • realizes your innovations – in cooperation with you and in a dialog based on partnership. Clearly focused on your success and always tailored flexibly to your respective project requirements.

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