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Workshop: EU Directives: Challenges - Solutions - Opportunities (one-day)

From the Data Act to the Product Carbon Footprint - many new requirements and legal regulations are leading to uncertainty and concerns. However, changes and new challenges also present opportunities for the development of new business models. In this workshop, we will work together to identify what these challenges are, how they affect you and your customers and what solutions and opportunities can arise from them.

EU directives: Challenges - Solutions - Opportunities

Viewed individually, the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), Data Act, Digital Product Passport (DPP) and Supply Chain Act are initially technological issues that can only be considered meaningfully in combination. The provision and processing of data across the entire supply chain (from direct to indirect suppliers), the availability of this data across company boundaries, working in data rooms and finally the leap across industry boundaries into Manufacturing X is a challenging journey that affects all players in the supply chain equally and yet at different interfaces.

What do these points of contact look like, which architectures can meet the challenges and what opportunities are there for you as a company in all these change processes? We want to approach these topics in an initial one-day workshop and work through them methodically.



This one-day workshop takes place on your premises.

Im Folgenden haben wir für Sie eine beispielhafte Agenda aufgelistet. Gerne passen wir die konkrete Agenda an Ihre spezifischen Fragestellungen an. 

  • We have listed a sample agenda for you below. We would be happy to customise the agenda to your specific issues.
  • the objectives of the new EU regulations and their impact on you as a company
  • the resulting gains and benefits for you, your customers and your suppliers
  • what opportunities arise from this for complementing your business model - description of possible value propositions
  • what the next steps are in terms of data management and software architectures, which basic technologies can be used for this and what a solution outline could look like


Benefits of the workshop

Depending on the agreed format of the workshop, we will discuss the most important questions relating to the technological challenges of the new EU regulations, look at these from the point of view of possible opportunities and develop ideas for solution approaches and expenditure.