"Beep. Boop. Beep." becomes "Hello World"

Earlier this year, Furtwangen University held its Computer Science Day and students from the fourth and sixth semesters presented their projects. The best project "R2D2" received our company award, which was handed over by Michael Heller. Responsible for this great achievement are the HFU students Ken Apitz, Cédric Collet, Philipp Derr, Eren Gülfil and Sarah Raible.

Informatikpreis an der Hochschule Furtwangen vergeben


The winning project started with the goal of building an autonomous robot, realizing ideas of the robot R2D2 from the Star Wars universe. They had to solve the weaknesses of the first R2D2 project from the previous semester before adding additional features to R2D2. A programming concept was developed for new features.

R2D2 was even "taught" to recognize voices and commands, send and receive sounds, and store and retrieve information.  The R2D2, which was largely created in the 3-D printer, obediently chattered the familiar digital greeting "Hello World."

In addition to working on the physical model of R2D2, the foundation for modern robotics development was laid with the goal of creating a digital twin of the physical R2D2.