Designing Digital Twins.

Since September 2022, we have been a member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA), the central point of contact for the Digital Twin. The IDTA is an alliance of committed companies working to make the Digital Twin usable for industry through standards for communication, services and semantics. The Digital Twin is intended to be interoperable and thus offer a standardized format to map all properties of an asset from the individual component to the entire plant or machine and to ensure the exchange of data or information. This requirement is implemented in the Asset Administration Shell and thus forms the basis for representing the entire lifecycle of products, devices through to plants and machines.

"The Digital Twin is a key technology of Industry 4.0, and by becoming a member of the IDTA, we want to participate in the creation of an international standard and establish the Asset Administration Shell. It will significantly simplify data management and form an important basis for the development of digital value creation models. Through our involvement in the IDTA, we can accompany our customers in the development of digital business models and data-driven use cases from the initial idea through all development steps and ensure the appropriate architecture," says Thomas Neumann, Business Development Manager