FITS™ Architects‘ and Developers‘ Conference 2019


On October 8/9, 2019, about 60 developers, product managers and technology decision-makers met at the FITS™ Architects' and Developers' Conference in Stuttgart. The event was organized by the FDT Group and supported by M&M Software.

On the first day, technology insiders presented all topics around the latest FDT generation FDT 3.0 / FITS (FDT IoT Server™) and discussed them with the participants. The first speaker was Glenn Schulz, Managing Director of the FDT Group, who first gave a basic introduction to the idea and vision of FITS and then presented the current status of the specification work and prototyping. New aspects such as OPC UA access to device data and mobile DTM interfaces for device operation where at the center of attention. After its basic introduction, members of the FDT Group Working Group Architecture & Specification provided deeper insights into the technological details. One example was Manfred Gundel from M&M, who illustrated the current status of the FDT server. Topics such as security, testing and certification, DTM Repository / availability of FDT 3 DTMs and the support of further integration standards completed the official part of the first conference day. A joint visit of the Canstatter Wasen was the final part of the day with sociability, conversations and networking. 

The second day of the conference was dedicated to developer practice. In live coding sessions, experienced members of the working group Architecture & Specification demonstrated to the audience how DTMs and server and desktop applications for FDT 3 are created. Equipped with the appropriate tools, the auditorium was able to participate directly in the development.

After the conference the prototyping phase of the active FDT actors started, who will present their new ideas at the FDT Forum on 06./.07.10.2020.

We will inform you in time about further event details.

To the point

FITS™ is the third generation of the FDT specification. The concept for a client server / architecture, which is already available in the FDT version 2, will be systematically continued to be used in this version. FITS enables access to device drivers (DTMs) from mobile devices (web-based), as well as via OPC UA. FDT becomes platform independent by migrating the fundamental technology on which it is built from the Windows based .NET Framework to an open .NET Core as well as HTML 5 and JavaScript.

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