M&M Software continues to grow

Sales and employee numbers increased significantly in 2018

"We have had a very good year 2018", said Andreas Börngen (CEO of M&M Software GmbH) to the local press at the annual press conference in April 2019. Sales growth was over 20%. In addition to revenue and profit increase Börngen particularly highlighted the growth of employees.

Despite a shortage of skilled labor, M&M hired a total of 22 additional highly qualified personnel in 2018. Since the beginning of 2019, 15 additional employees have been recruited in Germany alone. There are currently 219 people employed at M&M (107 in St. Georgen, 12 in Hanover and 100 in Suzhou, China). In order to facilitate further personnel growth at the headquarters in St. Georgen, M&M has already leased another floor in a nearby Building, which is currently under construction. There, another 50 employees will move into modern office space. Optionally, additional expansion options are available. Asked about the location disadvantage in rural areas, Börngen replied: "St. Georgen is certainly not a cosmopolitan city. Attracting applicants to the Black Forest is not easy, but if we have them convinced, they stay with us. The fluctuation is very low." As of 2020, M&M Software will also be a training company helping to provide young people with highly qualified vocational training.

Driven by digitalization, the company expects a significant increase in profits in the coming months. "We also have the necessary development capacities for large software projects and can quickly assemble international project teams. Especially in view of the rapid speed with which Industry 4.0 is progressing, it is important for our customers that our employees are professionals", explains Börngen, adding with a smile: "They have found their second home in the cloud, so to speak."

Börngen also drew a positive conclusion regarding the affiliation of M&M and the WAGO Group. Initial concerns, also voiced by third parties, that the acquisition could have a negative impact on M&M have not been confirmed in any way. On the contrary: "We will continue to grow and look to the future with optimism," emphasizes Börngen.

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