M&M Software joins the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

Accelerating digitalization projects through interoperability

Industry 4.0 combines automation, connectivity, mobility, globalization and security. In order to implement continuous networking,
many modules from different manufacturers are necessary, e.g. Devices (sensors / actuators) or hardware-related, locally executed software applications (edge computing). These building blocks should then be connected to a higher-level system (the cloud). Practice shows that there is now an unmanageable variety of IoT components and platforms that operate more or less proprietarily. The data exchange between these isolated solutions is usually not homogeneous, making it difficult for operators to implement their IoT projects quickly.

"Industry 4.0 means intelligent networking and digitalization. But in order to fully exploit the potential of cloud and edge applications, a harmonious interaction of all individual components is required." (Frank Schmid, Head of Business Unit System Solutions at M&M Software)

This is where the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance comes in, which M&M Software is now a part of: The partnership of leading industrial companies with different core competencies, such as mechanical engineering, software development or process automation is committed to the interoperability of Industry 4.0-based solutions and services in order to decisively drive digitalization. Based on existing standards such as OPC UA, frameworks will be created, which can be used by customers to seamlessly integrate any modules and/or services from other Open Industry 4.0 Alliance members that they need .

"For M&M Software, becoming a member of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is a logical step. Interoperability and seamless interlocking of different components means that our customers can implement their digitization projects quickly, flexibly and with little risk.” (Klaus Hübschle, CEO, M&M Software GmbH)

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