On June 30, 2022, after 33 years as a member of the management board, Klaus Hübschle will hand over the management of the St. Georgen-based company M&M Software GmbH to his two successors. As of July 1, 2022, Christian Gnädig (39) and Thomas Gaus (37) will take over responsibility for the company, which operates branches in Hanover and Suzhou, China, in addition to its headquarters in St. Georgen. Starting in April 2022, a software development center will be opened in the Indian state of Gujarat at the local WAGO site.

Gnädig has already been working as Co-Managing Director since September 1, 2021. As of July 2022, he will lead M&M Software GmbH as Chief Executive Officer. Thomas Gaus has already taken up his position as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) on January 1, 2022. Both new Managing Directors have already been with M&M Software for many years and are firmly rooted in the company. Also new to the rejuvenated management team is Dominique Heberle (34) as Authorized Signatory and Commercial Executive.

"I am really pleased that the next generation is taking the helm," says Klaus Hübschle. " Over the past decades, M&M Software has grown steadily and successfully, and that's the way we want it to continue." Hübschle is saying goodbye to his active professional life for the time being and is already looking forward to the many new opportunities that his new freedom will offer to him. "But of course I will remain closely connected to my colleagues at M&M Software and hope to be able to meet everyone from time to time at company events in the future."  


Economic Success in 2021 for WAGO and M&M Software

Already in November 2021, very good economic news came from the M&M parent company, the WAGO Group, to which the St. Georgen-based software house has belonged since 2015: the sales billion mark was cracked. This meant that the WAGO Group's sales increased by more than 20% compared to the previous year.
The figures for M&M Software for 2021 are just as good. Sales increased by 15% to €15.42 million. " Signs in the automation environment are pointing to growth. The trend towards digitalization is unbroken, and with our service offerings in the areas of Cloud, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Edge in particular, we are serving the growing demand for innovative software solutions," says incoming CEO Christian Gnädig, looking ahead to the future of the software house.


New Office Space in the PE Building

At M&M Software, all signs point to further growth. Since December 17, 2021, an additional 727 sqm of modern office space has been available in the new PE building located in Bahnhofstraße, which was occupied by the first M&M employees at the beginning of January. Although the new rooms are located in the neighboring building, they are easily accessible for the employees of M&M Software GmbH. A connecting bridge was specially created between the two buildings, linking the previous complex with the new building.

"We continue to grow and we are still looking for people who are curious and creative, and who want to explore and implement the possibilities of digital and data-driven products and business models. People with ideas and a lot of fun on the job," explains Thomas Gaus. "At the moment, however, many of us are working in a home office. This worked very well during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Many employees really appreciate the opportunity to work from home. We did not observe any concrete effects in terms of productivity. However, all of our employees continue to have a regular workstation here in the office that can be used as needed."


Software Development Center in India to Start Productive at the Beginning of April 2022

In the Indian city of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, M&M Software will open a Software Development Center in April 2022, which will be run in close cooperation with WAGO India. Therefore, rooms have been rented in the new WAGO factory in Vadodara and interviews for qualified employees are currently being held.


Facing the new Fiscal Year with Confidence

The new management looks confidently into the new business year. "M&M Software has always been managed solidly and with foresight. We have come through every economic crisis of the past, such as the financial crisis of 2008 or now the Corona pandemic, in an unexcited yet profitable manner. Our affiliation with the WAGO Group offers us further stability. We have a reliable foundation from which we can shape our future together," state Christian Gnädig and Thomas Gaus with certainty.


Neue Geschäftsführung