WAGO Cloud is characterized by simple and user-friendly operability and has been developed for users without in-depth IT know-how. It comes with everything the user needs for central data evaluation. Thanks to its app structure, WAGO Cloud can be operated intuitively. Many standard functions, such as visualization, remote maintenance or alarming, have already been set up.


How WAGO Cloud Works


The foundation for WAGO Cloud is Microsoft Azure. Hosting is done in secure Microsoft data centers in Europe.

In a nutshell

The WAGO Cloud is a Microsoft Azure-based IoT solution that is optimally tailored to WAGO hardware.

The WAGO Cloud was developed by M&M Software (WAGO Group) - the partner for integrated solutions in the field of industrial and technical software solutions.

WAGO Cloud Individual

In many applications, the features of WAGO Cloud are enough to digitally map processes. With WAGO Cloud Individual, it is also possible to create application-specific cloud solutions. Working with you, we check your individual requirements and develop the right approach for you. WAGO Cloud serves here as a basic platform, so that we can start directly with the actual extensions, for example:

  1. Custom branding (logo, color...)
  2. Additional Apps in the Web Portal
  3. Additional evaluations / visualizations, e.g. with further Azure Services (PowerBI, TimeSeries Insights...)
  4. Special interfaces to external systems such as ERP, CRM, billing systems.
  5. Hosting of the WAGO Cloud in own Microsoft Azure Subscription
  6. Definition of your own business model
  7. 3rd party hardware support

WAGO Cloud Individual - Example

A manufacturer wants to offer their end-customers a battery monitoring solution as an additional service. The data is collected and analyzed via WAGO cloud to identify charge status, maintenance requirements and optimization potential.

So funktioniert WAGO Cloud - Beispiel 1

An additional app in the web portal offers clear graphical evaluations for end customers and service technicians.

A plant operator carries out energy reporting across several locations. This is done monthly using manually maintained Excel sheets. The future goal is to record and evaluate the energy data continuously and automatically.

How WAGO Cloud Works - Example 2

Live energy data is collected by WAGO controllers and sent to the WAGO Cloud. The data is exported daily to the cloud solution - specially developed for the plant operator - and evaluated using Microsoft PowerBI. In this case, the evaluation also uses other data sources.

In a nutshell

Individual requirements that are not supported by the WAGO Cloud standard version can be implemented by us with the WAGO Cloud Individual.

Test it for free

You can test the WAGO Cloud free of charge during a 30-day evaluation period. You will receive 100 license points from WAGO, which you can use according to your wishes.


Jörg Olsen
Jörg Olsen

Jörg Olsen

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