Project description

Zealquest Scientific Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading distributor and provider of high technology products and solutions that are used in Plant Science, Agricultural Science, Soil Science, Meteorology, Ocean and Freshwater research and monitoring fields.

M&M Software (Suzhou) GmbH developed the AgriPheno™ Cloud platform for Zealquest. It uses a three-layer architecture consisting of server, data acquisition and sensor layers.   The measured value acquisition can be carried out either via a PLC of the WAGO PFC200 series or via a WAGO IoT gateway.

The User Interface developed by M&M for the AgriPheno Cloud is extremely flexible and can be quickly adapted to the conditions of different applications. The AgriPheno Cloud includes an integrated irrigation and fertilization interface that automatically adapts when extensions are made.  This makes installation and commissioning much easier for system integrators. Users can also extend the system without programming knowledge. 

The irrigation system supports three different operating modes: manual irrigation, automatic irrigation considering soil moisture, and scheduled automatic irrigation. Users can select a specific time interval according to the growing phase of the plants. Different irrigation time strategies can be set for each time interval to meet different water and fertilizer needs at different stages of plant growth. Users can easily make these adjustments via the UI of the cloud application. Programming skills are not required.

End customer benefits

  • Adapted land use based on data collected
  • Automatic control of irrigation/fertilization

Over view

Sector(s): Agriculture / Research
Customer: Zealquest Scientific Technology Co. Ltd
Development process: Agile

Applied technologies

AgriPheno™ Cloud platform is based on AngularJS, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Mosca MQTT Broker, MongoDB

The frontend of the application is a single page application based on Angular.


Dirk Stadtherr - Sales Manager
Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

Sales Manager

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