M&M Software's Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) manages the evaluation and disclosure of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Should new potential threats related to our software products be identified, we will immediately provide recommended actions and/or updates.

In order to respond appropriately to security issues, we also rely on your support. Please contact our PSIRT (psirt@mm-software.com) if you notice anything wrong with our software products. We will take care of proper communication with all parties involved.

Report security vulnerabilities

You too can help make our software products even more secure. It is easy to do so by reporting vulnerabilities and potential threats to us.

Send an email to our PSIRT (psirt@mm-software.com) with the following information:

  1.     Product line
  2.     Vulnerable version
  3.     type of vulnerability (if available incl. CWE-ID, CVE-ID)
  4.     Name of the organization
  5.     E-Mail
  6.     Phone
  7.     Country

Do you have questions about security-related issues in software that we have developed for you, or are you unsure how you are affected by security vulnerabilities in these projects? Then feel free to contact our PSIRT (psirt@mm-software.com)! We are also there for you as a contact person after project completion.

Product Security Incident Response

Aktuelle Meldungen zu Schwachstellen von unseren Produkten und Security-Advisories finden Sie unten und auf der Seite des CERT@VDE


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