M&M applications are developed based on the latest technologies - always considering their actual performance in the required environment - and the latest industry standards.
We provide you with qualified advice about software.

Product and technology consulting, architecture consulting, user-centric design, cloud computing, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as training & workshops are part of our comprehensive range of services.


Our customer cooperation models

Full service

We develop a ready-to-use, market-ready software application according to the requirements of our customers and take care of maintenance and servicing even after commissioning.

Cooperation model

Working closely with our customers' development teams, we develop software subcomponents for a larger overall system.

Agile process model

We put together a team that makes particularly tight deadlines achievable through the use of agile Methods.

Iterative process model

We develop iteratively according to a tailor-made project plan. Each iteration is offered at a fixed price - optionally with a variable portion according to effort.


All models can be supplemented by the option "Offshore Development". Thus, we offer M&M services at more favorable conditions with equivalent quality.

Typical software solutions that we develop in customer projects::

  • Cloud based applications
  • Applications for operation and monitoring
  • Vertical integration solutions
  • Engineering systems
  • Linux- and IEC61131 applications and libraries
  • Applications for device parameterization
  • Data acquisition, archiving and analysis
  • Software platforms and software product lines
  • Software tools for development and production
  • Mobile applications
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Front Desk

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