M&M Software is part of it and these are our highlights:

  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Talk to our experts about your application area and discover how you can use modern AI technologies to make intelligent use of your data. Our AI offering covers all phases of data analytics projects: From data collection and management, visual and explorative data analysis, the application of classical machine learning methods or new AI algorithms to the integration of data analytics into software products or operation in the Cloud, on-premises or on edge.
  • Industrial IoT Solutions
    Convince yourself of our IoT service package in a personal meeting: We develop modern cloud and edge solutions (e.g. based on MS Azure or the WAGO Cloud / IoT Gateways) and advise you on topics related to business models, technologies and the operation of your solution.
  • Software Modernization through Cloud Migration
    Software also "ages" and must therefore be adapted to new conditions and must be modernized. Find out about various strategies that can be used to migrate "old" software applications to the Cloud. In addition, we report on the trend topics of cubernets, containerization & Co.
  • Web-based Device Parameterization / Configuration
    Modern, web-based user interfaces can be used on different clients (browser, mobile devices, etc.). This makes them an ideal tool for the parameterization of (field) devices. However, it should be noted that hardware platforms, communication infrastructures and the integration of device logic are based on different architectures. We support you with our comprehensive know-how in developing your own device configuration strategy - based on the latest technologies and established industry standards.
  • FDT 3.0, the Third Generation of the FDT Specification
    With the FDT IIoT Server (FITS™) FDT becomes platform independent - we will inform you about the current technology and the innovations it contains.
  • Rich Client and Web Solutions
    Learn more about user-friendly applications that are used for configuration/engineering or for operating/monitoring your automation solution. Whether as web or desktop application or as integration component of a larger system, e.g. a cloud application. The M&M service spectrum covers numerous application scenarios.

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