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Code of Conduct

Quality standard.

Our customers, our partners, and we demand software and services from us that inspire in every respect. We rely on an ISO 9001-2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS), which we continuously develop further. Our QMS applies to all our branches and business lines. Even our subsidiary in China is certified according to ISO 9001-2015.  


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We are not just a company, but also a part of the global community that is committed to a livable future. We are working to minimize our own ecological and social footprint and maximize our positive handprint. In doing so, we not only design our own processes, products, and services to be environmentally friendly and responsible, but we also help our customers to operate more sustainably. As a service provider and digitizer, responsible energy management plays a central role. To reduce our energy consumption and optimize energy-related performance, we use an ISO 50001 certified energy management system. 


Diversity is the engine of our positive and inclusive corporate culture. We promote equal opportunities and value different perspectives, experiences, and skills. Our team unites people of different origins, cultures, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, and more. This diversity inspires us to be creative, curious, and open-minded towards our fellow human beings and our environment. We are convinced that diversity is the key to better understanding the world, addressing the challenges of our time, and making a positive contribution. 

Political Neutrality.

We are politically neutral and respect a variety of opinions within our diverse community. We firmly believe that diversity is a strength and forms the basis for groundbreaking ideas and sustainable success.

At the same time, we make it clear that we strongly oppose any form of right-wing extremism, hate, and discrimination. These values are non-negotiable. They contradict the principles of humanity and justice, which we consider an integral part of our corporate culture. Our stance against right-wing extremism is not based on political partisanship, but on a clear commitment to the universal principles of human rights and the promotion of an inclusive community.

We actively advocate for an open, tolerant, and diverse society. We are committed to ethical, social, and ecological standards in our industry.