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Web & Mobile

Development of a seamless user experience across different platforms.

The digital transformation is reshaping the IT landscape. Real-time analytics, advanced IoT systems and user-friendly mobile applications are the drivers of this change.

In software development, a preference for individually tailored solutions is emerging. Instead of rigid standard solutions, today's technology enables a flexible and cross-platform combination of application modules. 

What are our strengths?

We develop customized web and mobile apps based on reliable frameworks. This results in solutions for our customers that can be used on any platform and fulfill the following tasks:


Operating and monitoring

  • For creating dynamic system and process visualizations - for operating and monitoring systems, machines, equipment groups, ships and vehicles.

Device parameterization

  • Applications for parameterization and configuration of field devices and machines
  • Web editors for creating dynamic system and process visualizations

Platform-independent and usable in all common browsers

  • User interfaces for embedded devices
  • Fast and clear visualization of data and configuration of devices

Mobile apps / hybrid apps

  • Platform-independent apps that can be used on Android, iOS and Windows - with a uniform design across different platforms

Online product selection and configuration

  • Simple selection and configuration of individual products for specialized applications

What is important?

The interaction between man and machine is constantly evolving. Operation and monitoring no longer only take place at one machine, in one system area and by one person.

While users' tasks are changing, their mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly important. Mobile devices support users and replace conventional PCs, terminals and HMIs.

Flexibility, mobility and a variety of sensors make smart mobile devices the ideal window into the world of production data. As these devices move into the industrial sector, software applications such as HMIs and engineering systems are also changing.

Mobile IoT and cloud-based apps

Our solutions currently focus on mobile IoT apps that enable communication with networked devices and cloud-based apps that provide scalability and efficient data processing:

  • Sensor data monitoring
  • Remote control of machines and systems
  • Alerts for alarms and notifications
  • Use of cloud services to process large volumes of data
  • Ensuring high scalability in order to react flexibly to increasing user numbers
  • Security: We pay attention to secure authentication and data transmission

We also ensure user-friendliness through an intuitive interface and clear visualisations.

Google Firebase vs. Microsoft App Center

Low code: Develop software simply

Florian Weiß

Technology Expert Web & Mobile

"When implementing modern software solutions, the aim is to create seamless experiences that users can access anywhere and at any time."

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