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Architecture Consulting


A crucial factor for the success of a software solution is a well-thought-out architecture. It ensures that the solution is efficient, future-proof, and designed according to business objectives, thus minimizing risks. 

A sustainable and tailor-made architecture requires that the following aspects are continuously monitored during the project duration and adapted to the changed requirements.


Strategic Planning and Alignment

The architecture considers not only the current but also the future requirements and supports the business objectives.


Agile Approach

Short development cycles, quick adaptation of new requirements, and fast feedback support the optimal adjustment of the architecture to the business objectives.


Risk Minimization

Emerging risks are identified and addressed early on.


Structure and Design

A well-thought-out architecture facilitates the implementation, adaptation, and maintenance of the system. This is achieved through clear interfaces and a modular structure.


Technology Selection

The appropriate technologies contribute significantly to the success of the solution. Therefore, it is important to carefully select these when designing the architecture.


Identification and Integration of External Systems

The appropriate integration of external systems into the architecture is crucial for success. Therefore, it is important to know the external systems and their interfaces for connection.


A solid and well-thought-out architecture brings many advantages to your solution and thus has a positive impact on your business goals.

  • Competitiveness: Agility and quick response to market changes.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced development and lower operating costs.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Scalability: Easy adaptation to future requirements.
  • Innovation: Quick implementation of new ideas and products.
  • Security: Protection against threats and strengthening of customer trust.

Currently in focus

  • Microservice Architectures
  • Cloud Native Architectures
  • Serverless Architectures
  • AI Architectures
  • Data Architectures
  • Sustainability and Green IT 


Use Cases:

  • New Systems and Platforms: Design of architectures for new systems and platforms.
  • Modernization: Modernization of existing systems based on new requirements.
  • Health Check: Review of existing systems and proposal of measures to improve the system.
  • Data Architectures: Design of architectures for data-centric systems. They serve, for example, as a basis for AI applications. 

Azure Container Apps: Simple deployment and management of containerised applications

Sven Rieger

Head of Software Development Services

As Chief Architect, Sven Rieger supports and advises projects around the topic of architecture. The range of services extends from design to reviews to health checks of existing software.

“Architecture is a crucial component in the development of software. Continuous architectural work throughout the entire lifecycle of the software ensures that the software can meet both current and future requirements.” 


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