1. 一般信息


公司:M&M Software GmbH
法定代表人:Andreas Börngen, Klaus Hübschle
地址:Industriestr. 5, 78112 St. Georgen

2. 一般数据处理信息


只有在您自行提供个人数据的情况下, 才会收集您的个人数据。除此之外, 不会收集个人数据。任何超出法定许可范围的个人数据处理, 只有在您明确同意的情况下才能进行。

  • 在优先立法的情况下的公共当局。
  • 外部服务提供商或其他承包商。
  • 其他外部机构, 只要数据主体同意或传递主要利益, 是允许的。
第三国转换:在合同执行方面, 也可以雇用欧洲联盟以外的承包商。
数据存储的持续时间:数据存储的持续时间取决于法定存储要求, 通常为10年。

3. 有关网站的特定信息

一般情况下, 访问我们的网站并不要求您提供任何个人信息。但是, 从技术上讲, 我们会临时存储请求计算机的连接数据、您访问的网站、访问日期和持续时间、所使用的浏览器和操作系统类型的识别数据以及您访问我们的网站。

只有在您使用我们在网站上的表格向我们提供个人数据的情况下, 才会收集这些数据。数据的传输是加密的。

a. Newsletter

作为我们通讯注册的一部分, 您向我们提供您的姓名、公司名称、电子邮件地址以及更多数据 (可选)。我们专门使用这些信息向您发送我们的时事通讯。在通讯注册过程中输入的数据将一直保留在我们这里, 直到您取消订阅我们的新闻稿。可随时通过通讯中提供的链接或给我们的相应信息进行注销登记。取消注册后, 您将不将数据用于此目的。

对于通讯同意的文档和防止滥用您的数据, 我们使用所谓的双重选择加入程序。通过使用此过程, 我们确保收件人也希望接收我们的通讯。注册后, 您将收到一封电子邮件, 要求您确认订阅新闻稿。只有在确认后, 我们才会向您发送我们的通讯。

将记录通讯的注册, 以便根据法律要求证明注册过程。这包括注册和确认时间的存储。同样, 也会记录对存储数据的更改。

 此外, 我们使用您的电子邮件地址, 我们收到的与销售我们的产品或服务有关, 以我们的通讯的形式直接广告我们自己的类似产品或服务由您订购, 除非您否认使用您的数据为此目的。您可以随时取消使用您的电子邮件地址, 而不会产生基准费率传输成本以外的任何费用。您的矛盾 (以及我们的通讯被取消) 可以通过向上述电子邮件地址 (privacy@mm-software.com) 发送消息来解决。

b. 联系表格

使用联系表格时, 您将向我们提供您的姓名、电子邮件地址以及更多数据 (可选)。我们专门使用这些信息来处理您的请求。在您取消存储之前, 您在联系表格中输入的数据将一直保留在我们身边。通过向我们发送相应的信息, 任何时候都有可能出现矛盾。使用此消息, 您可以与为此目的使用数据相矛盾。

c. 下载注册

作为下载注册的一部分, 您可以告诉我们您的电子邮件地址和其他数据 (可选)。我们使用此信息向您发送一次下载链接。此外, 您还可以同时注册新闻稿。您在下载注册过程中输入的数据将一直存储在我们这里, 直到您放弃存储。通过向我们发送相应的信息, 任何时候都有可能出现矛盾。使用此消息, 您可以与为此目的使用数据相矛盾。

d. 活动登记

注册活动时, 您会向我们提供您的名字、姓氏、公司、电话号码、电子邮件地址以及更多数据 (可选)。我们使用此信息来处理您的活动注册。此外, 您还可以同时注册新闻稿。在事件注册过程中输入的数据将一直保留在我们这里, 直到您放弃存储。通过向我们发送相应的信息, 任何时候都有可能出现矛盾。使用此消息, 您可以与为此目的使用数据相矛盾。

e. Use of Matoma

This website uses the open source software Matoma (formerly Piwik) for the statistical evaluation of user access. To do this, Matoma uses cookies that are stored on your or the user's computer. These cookies allow an analysis of the use of our website. The information generated by cookies on the use of this website is stored on the server of the company domainFACTORY in Germany. The IP address is anonymized immediately after processing and prior to its storage. As a user of the website, you can prevent the installation of cookies by configuring your browser software accordingly; However, as a user of our website, we point out that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of our website to the full extent.

If you want to disclaim the use of cookies, please click here:

4. Collection, storage of usage data when visiting our website without registration, use of cookies

When you visit our website, we receive your full IP address from your EDP. Only with this IP address we can transmit the data of our website to you, so that the website is displayed to you (Art. 6 para. 1 b), f) DSGVO). Beyond the processing for transmitting the retrieved data, the complete IP address is only stored for two (2) days in order to be able to initiate defensive measures, e.g. blocking of IP addresses, as well as criminal prosecution, if necessary, in the event of attacks on our IT (Art. 6 para. 1 f) DSGVO).
We store the date and time of the page view and the page from which you accessed our website. We do not store further personal data as long as you do not log in.
Insofar as the programming of our website causes your browser to load data from servers operated by third parties, we ourselves are not involved in these data transfers. Our third-party providers have asked us to inform you as follows:

a. Google Conversion Tracking

As an AdWords customer, we also use "Google Conversion Tracking", an analysis service provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland; "Google"). Google Adwords sets a cookie on your computer ("conversion cookie") if you have reached our website via a Google ad. These cookies lose their validity after 30 days and are not used for personal identification. If you visit certain pages of ours and the cookie has not yet expired, we and Google can recognize that someone has clicked on the ad and thus been redirected to our website. Each AdWords customer receives a different cookie. Cookies can therefore not be used to identify you or your path on the Internet on different websites. The information obtained using the conversion cookie is used to create conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted for conversion tracking. We thus receive usage statistics about those users who arrive at our website via a Google ad and can thus track which of our ads are how successful and have matched your search topic (Art. 6 para. 1 f) DSGVO).
We as an AdWords customer learn the total number of users who clicked on our ad and were redirected to a page tagged with a conversion tracking tag. However, we do not receive any information with which users can be personally identified. If you do not wish to participate in the tracking process, you can refuse the setting of a cookie required for this - for example, via browser settings that generally disable the automatic setting of cookies. You have a right to object and can prevent the installation of the cookie for Google AdWords (under the domain "googleadservices.com") by a setting in your browser so that cookies from the domain "googleadservices.com" are blocked. You can find details on this in the help of your browser. You can find the corresponding cookie names in our Cookie Policy.
Here you can find Google's privacy policy: http://www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/.

b. Google Tag Manager

This website uses the "Google Tag Manager". Google Tag Manager is a solution provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland; "Google") that allows marketers to manage website tags through one interface. The "Tag Manager" tool itself (which implements the tags) is a cookie-less domain and does not collect any personal data. The tool only provides data redirection and triggering of other tags, which in turn may collect data. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If a deactivation has been made at the domain or cookie level, it remains in place for all tracking tags implemented with Google Tag Manager.

c. LinkedIn Analytics and LinkedIn Ads

Our website uses the "LinkedIn Insight Tag" marketing function of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company (Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland; "LinkedIn"). Each time you access one of our pages that contains functions from LinkedIn, a connection to LinkedIn servers is established. LinkedIn is informed that you have visited our web pages with your IP address. The active program function (JavaScript) is used to understand the actions of visitors to our website in anonymized form, to measure the effectiveness of advertising and to present interest-based advertisements ("LinkedIn ads") in the context of visiting the social network LinkedIn and other websites. For this purpose, the LinkedIn Insight tag is embedded on our website, whereby a connection to the LinkedIn server is established if you visit our website and are logged into your LinkedIn account at the same time. The mapping tries to work across devices, so that it is also evaluated how visitors behave across devices. The basis of the use is Art. 6 para. 1 f) DSGVO.
In addition, we have a profile on the social network LinkedIn itself. Our social media presences and, consequently, our profile on LinkedIn, are intended to ensure the most comprehensive presence possible on the Internet. When you visit our profile on LinkedIn, LinkedIn can generally analyze your user behavior.
In the context of customer acquisition, we use "LinkedIn Lead Ads". These are advertising circuits on LinkedIn, in which LinkedIn uses forms for lead generation and functions and content of the LinkedIn service can be integrated. In such advertising, defined information is requested in accordance with our current campaign or other measures. If you have a LinkedIn account, the corresponding advertising circuit can be pre-filled with the information you have shared on LinkedIn.
Thus, with LinkedIn Lead Ads, we offer you a function with which you can provide us with user information using your LinkedIn account. We use this functionality to be able to address you in a target group-oriented manner. Our legitimate interest for the use of LinkedIn Lead Ads serves marketing purposes in the context of a business initiation. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 (1) f) DSGVO.
If you are logged into your LinkedIn account and visit our profile on LinkedIn, LinkedIn can assign this visit to your user account. The same applies to advertising on LinkedIn via LinkedIn Lead Ads. However, your personal data may also be collected under certain circumstances if you are not logged in or do not have a LinkedIn account. In this case, the data collection can take place, for example, via cookies that are stored on your end device or by recording your IP address.
With the help of the data collected in this way, LinkedIn can create user profiles in which your preferences and interests are stored. In this way, you can be shown interest-based advertising inside and outside the respective social media presence. If you have a LinkedIn account, the interest-based advertising can be displayed on all devices on which you are or were logged in.
Please see LinkedIn's privacy policy at https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy for more information on data collection and use, as well as your privacy options and rights. If you are logged in to LinkedIn, you can opt out of data collection at any time at the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/enhanced-advertising.
Please click this link to prevent the collection by LinkedIn within our website in the future (the opt-out only works in this browser and only for this domain) and hereby exercise your right to object. In doing so, an opt-out cookie will be placed on your device. If you delete your cookies in this browser, you must click this link again.

d. Live-Chat (Chat-Funktion)

This website optionally offers the use of Tawk.to, a live chat software from Tawk.to ltd.
The chat is integrated into the source code of the website via a plugin. By using the chat, you automatically use the services of Tawk.to. All data that you enter the chat window will be transferred to Tawk.to and saved there. The data collected includes: name, chat history and country of origin. These data are not passed on to third parties and are only used for protection and internal statistics. By using the chat, you consent to this storage and use of the data. The data collected with the Tawk.to technologies are not used to personally identify the visitor to this website. They are not saved and deleted after the chat. The purpose and scope of the data collection and further processing and use of the data by Tawk.to as well as your related rights and setting options to protect your privacy can be found in the data protection information of Tawk.to: https://www.tawk.to/privacy-policy/

4. 其他数据处理程序的详细信息

a. 关于外网的具体信息

注册 M&M外网时, 您将向我们提供您的名字、姓氏、公司名称、公司地址、电子邮件地址以及更多的数据。我们使用此信息创建您的用户帐户。在删除用户帐户之前, 您在注册过程中输入的数据将一直保留在我们的身边。您可以随时通过向我们发送相应的消息来请求删除。您的帐户将被相应删除。

F此外, 为了安全起见, 会自动记录外联网中的登录时间、页面浏览和文件下载。

第三国转换:在合同执行方面, 也可以雇用欧洲联盟以外的承包商。

b. 有关申请流程的特定信息

  • 在优先立法的情况下的公共当局
  • 允许在数据主体同意或传递主要利益的情况下设立其他外部机构, 如母公司、司法部 (金融制裁清单)。
数据存储的持续时间:决定公布后, 申请数据通常会在3个月内被删除。如果已在申请人池中获得较长时间的数据存储同意, 则数据将在6个月后删除。

c. 处理客户数据/潜在客户数据的特定信息

有关数据:为执行合同提供的数据;如有必要, 根据您的明确同意进行处理的附加数据。
流程目的:合同执行, 如报价, 订单, 销售和发票, 质量保证。
  • 在优先立法的情况下的公共当局
  • 外部服务提供商或其他承包商, 如运输提供商、打印和发送信息的服务提供商。
  • 其他外部机构, 只要数据主体已同意或传递主要利益是允许的。
第三国转换:在合同执行方面, 也可以雇用欧洲联盟以外的承包商。
数据存储的持续时间:数据存储的持续时间取决于法定存储要求, 通常为10年。

d. 供应商数据处理的具体信息

有关数据:为执行合同提供的数据;如有必要, 根据您的明确同意进行处理的附加数据。
流程目的:合同执行, 如询价、采购、质量保证等。
  • 在优先立法的情况下, 公共当局, 例如财政当局、海关
  • 外部服务提供商或其他承包商, 例如用于付款处理。
  • 其他外部办事处, 只要数据主体已同意或转让主要利益是允许的。
第三国转换:在合同执行方面, 也可以使用欧洲联盟以外的合同加工商
数据存储的持续时间:数据存储的持续时间取决于法定存储要求, 通常为10年。

5. 更多信息和联系方式


您可以通过电子邮件向 privacy@mm-software.com 或通过信函方式向印迹中所述联系地址发送您的个人数据信息、阻止、删除和更正请求, 以及撤销您的同意。


如果您对保护您的个人数据、本隐私声明、同意声明以及处理您的个人数据或有关数据保护的投诉有任何进一步的问题, 您可以通过以下电子邮件地址与我们联系:privacy@mm-software.com

7. Acknowledgement of the privacy policy, changes to this policy

This privacy policy is valid from the date of publication on the website of M&M Software GmbH until further notice. For the use of our offer the confirmation and acknowledgment of the data protection agreement is indispensable.

Please note that data protection regulations and data protection procedures may change constantly and the contents of this privacy policy must be adapted. In this case, we will make changes transparent to you. It is also advisable to inform yourself about changes in the legal provisions and practice of our company.