M&M Software operates a DEKRA certified quality management system according to ISO 9001-2015. This quality management system covers all branches and functional areas of the company. Our subsidiary in China is also certified according to ISO9001.

High Quality Standards as a Guiding Principle

All employees live the common striving for the highest quality in the interest of our customers every day. Our quality management system effectively supports us in this.

At any time, the descriptions of our processes can be accessed digitally by all employees on the company-wide intranet. The superordinate navigation structure and a full-text indexed search system simplify the retrieval of individual process elements. Any necessary process adjustments are immediately communicated to all affected employees.

A Quality Management System (QMS) must not be a paper tiger. It should reflect the day-to-day realities in the company, create a clear framework for action through processes with visible guard rails and easily understandable rules. However, it must also offer sufficient room for maneuver within which we can respond to individual customer requirements and allow employees to contribute their creativity at any time.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

We are driven by the desire to become even better. The focus of our work with the processes is therefore also on their continuous improvement and adaptation to a constantly changing environment. For each sub-process there is a responsible process manager who drives the continuous improvement of the process entrusted to him/her and monitors and proves the quality of the process by measuring specified KPIs.

Internal expert communities support the process managers in critical sub-processes. These communities identify and discuss potential improvements across projects and define suitable solutions. They also act as an initial reviewing body for upcoming process changes.

Potential for improvement is also identified at the project level through the project retrospectives, thus permanently optimizing the work within the project teams.

Quality as a Management Task

Executives at the corporate management level are responsible for the individual core processes as process owners and approve the adjustments proposed by the process managers.

Core Process Software Development

Most of our projects follow an agile model. This is based on the well-known SCRUM method, but has been adapted and extended to the specific requirements of our customers and target markets, based on our own years of experience with agile development. For smaller projects, we also have adequate process models available, so that we can choose the right approach for any project size. The QMS also allows flexible adaptation to existing customer processes, as long it is ensured that this will not compromise quality.

The core process of software development is further subdivided into the various disciplines in the software lifecycle such as project management, requirements management, architecture, implementation and testing. For each discipline, there is a corresponding sub-process, which is managed by a dedicated process manager with extensive practical experience in the respective discipline.

An independent quality assurance department runs additional formal reviews of the artifacts to be submitted by the project teams, such as project plans, test plans, and architecture documents. Independent of the project team, it also establishes cyclical measurements of quality and productivity.

For us, it is also important to provide the customer with a high level of transparency regarding the current project status. We ensure this through fast and regular communication with the customer, but also through a detailed monthly project status report, which also takes all quality-relevant factors into account.

Quality assurance tools

Important measures for quality assurance and improvement within the software development teams are test plans, code reviews, automated and manual tests, but also sprint reviews and retrospectives.

An independent quality assurance department performs additional formal reviews of the artifacts to be submitted by the project teams, such as project plans, test plans, and architecture documents, and also establishes cyclical measurements of quality and productivity independent of the project team.

Through measures such as threat modeling, we ensure that the neuralgic aspect of information security is not neglected under any circumstances.

It is also important for us to provide customers with a high level of transparency regarding the current status of their project. We ensure this through fast and regular communication with the customer, but also through a detailed monthly project status report, which also takes into account all quality-relevant factors.

Employees as Success Factor

The absolute prerequisite for our success is highly motivated and excellently qualified staff. On an individual basis, training activities are coordinated by the managers with the individual employees. The additional central coordination of all training measures ensures effective implementation and makes sure that strategic concerns are also taken into account. There is also an in-house coaching program that is open to all employees and supports them in their personal development.

Driving Improvements with OKRs

To drive necessary improvement measures on a larger scale throughout the company and across departments, additional OKR projects (OKR = Objectives and Key Results) are launched quarterly, prioritized accordingly and provided with resources. For this purpose, we have set up a management system for these OKRs that is also based on agile principles.

Reliable Premium Quality from M&M Software

We strive for premium quality. This means: Even if something does not work as expected right away, we remain persistent and solve the problem in cooperation with our customer.

We want not only satisfied, but also enthusiastic customers who can fully trust in us. We achieve this goal reliably and sustainably. This is proven by our numerous development partnerships with long-standing customers, who are always eager to tackle new tasks with us.

Take the chance and develop your software in reliable premium quality at attractive conditions together with M&M Software GmbH.

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