The use of the dtmMANAGER development suite gives you the possibility to concentrate on what matters - the device - instead of the FDT specification.

Your benefits

Efficient: Creating a device model for your DTM is all you need to do – the dtmMANAGER development suite takes care of the rest!

Flexible: dtmMANAGER development suite takes care of all FDT 1.2.x and FDT2 related technical aspects of your DTM, while providing enough room for your device specific development tasks.

Stable: By encapsulating the FDT 1.2.x specification and bundling the official DTM Common Component for FDT2, dtmMANAGER development suite helps to prevent mistakes during development.

Powerful and economical: The architecture specified by dtmMANAGER ensures that DTMs can be loaded particularly quickly and that resources such as memory are used very economically.

Besides a detailed developer manual, we also offer our assistance for setting up and starting a DTM development project. During a workshop we will teach you how to use the dtmMANAGER development suite.


Volker Herbst - Sales Manager
Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

Sales Manager

Location: St. Georgen
Tel.: +49 7724 9415-52

Christian Gnädig - Deputy Head of Sales
Christian Gnädig

Christian Gnädig

Head of Sales & Marketing

Location: St. Georgen
: +49 7724 9415-0

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