Distributed Teams Lead to Success

Especially for larger software development projects, we often use "distributed" project teams from our locations in Germany and China. Project management, architecture creation and - in most cases - also a part of the development takes place in Germany. In addition, software developers from China participate in the project team. The ideal distribution is 1/3 to 2/3, i.e., a team of twelve people should consist of four people from Germany and eight people from China. For our customers, adding our Chinese colleagues to a project means a significant cost advantage, as we can offer the development services from China at a significantly lower price compared to German services. Another advantage is the higher flexibility and scalability of the project team, since our Chinese subsidiary provides more than 80 employees. There is no disadvantage in using Chinese services. All communication with our customers is handled by the project manager and the project participants in Germany. The same applies to project management, which is handled completely in-house by M&M Software. The internal communication takes place in English. We ensure that all project participants can communicate fluently with each other.

The German M&M Software locations are responsible for quality assurance, delivery and all administrative processes. For M&M Software customers, the provision of partial services by our Chinese software developers is imperceptible. It is reflected solely in a clear cost advantage.

High Quality Software Development from China

Software development in China is based on the same processes as in Germany and is also certified according to DIN:ISO9001 and DIN:ISO27001. This, together with the stable teams over a long period of time (thanks to low fluctuation) and extensive investments in training and further education of the employees, contributes to a very high level of quality. We actively promote personal meetings between team members, offer intercultural training and live an open, appreciative and trust-building corporate culture to ensure that our locations in Germany and China cooperate without a hitch. Our customers are guaranteed the highest possible level of security through active know-how protection: this consists of both (IT) technical and organizational measures, and it is also an essential part of our corporate culture.

Detailed Consulting at the beginning of a Project

Not every project is suitable for distributed processing. For example, a certain project size and duration is a prerequisite - very small and short projects tend to be out of the question. A further precondition is that all documentation should be in English to facilitate or guarantee the exchange of information.

Of course, the involvement of M&M China is only done in close coordination with our customers; they make the final decision whether the implementation of a project should be distributed or not. For the best possible support of our customers in the decision-making process, we offer comprehensive consulting services in advance and shed light on all aspects of distributed development relating to the project.

Support for Entering the Chinese Market

Many of our customers, especially in the field of automation technology and mechanical engineering, see China as an emerging market with a lot of future potential. Therefore, they are looking to offer tailored solutions for the Chinese market. We actively support market entry here, as we have for example in-depth know-how in the area of Chinese Cloud providers as well as the platforms and technologies established in China. If required, the operation as well as the technical support can also be completely covered.

Because our Chinese location has all the necessary competencies for the successful implementation of software projects, we also work directly with customers that have offices in China. This guarantees short communication channels and high efficiency.

Take advantage of our offshore services for your next software development project, benefit from the familiar M&M Software quality at significant cost advantages and open up new markets!

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