As a pioneer in PC-based automation, M&M Software has traditionally maintained a close partnership with Microsoft since its foundation in the 1980s.  This strategic adherence to Microsoft technologies was not always without controversy. Technologies such as Java and Linux were technically ahead at times and did not fit Microsoft's rather proprietary strategy.

New Openness

This situation has fortunately changed significantly. Microsoft has undergone an enormous transformation in the last decade. Under its CEO Satya Nadella, the company is pursuing a strategy of openness. Today, with Microsoft's world-leading development environments and in Microsoft Azure, all relevant programming languages can be used equally and solutions can be developed for all relevant target platforms as required. Many Microsoft solutions are now also provided as open source.

Yes to Microsoft Azure, but also Cloud Native

M&M Software consequently relies on Microsoft technologies and services when it comes to future topics such as digitalization, Cloud and IoT. Microsoft Azure is our preferred Cloud platform.

But also the avoidance of a system lock-in or the preservation of the data sovereignty of the customers are current topics that have to be considered. With the so-called cloud-native approach, based on technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, we can exploit the advantages of an Azure cloud without allowing the dependencies on its services (and thus on the Microsoft platform) to become too great.

In the end, it depends on the individual needs of each customer whether they want to use the cloud services directly and thus very effectively, or rather indirectly and thus more independently. M&M Software masters both paths and helps each customer to take the path that fits them best.

M&M Software is Microsoft Gold Partner

M&M Software documents its special expertise in creating solutions for the Microsoft platforms through several proven competencies, all with the highest Gold Membership status:

  1. Gold Application Development
  2. Gold Application Integration
  3. Gold Cloud Platform
  4. Gold Data Analytics
  5. Gold DevOps

We earn this multitude of accolades through the repeatedly proven capabilities of our employees, through certified products, and also through sales of Microsoft solutions. A look at our standard toolbox, which is an important building block of our technology strategy, also shows this.

As a Microsoft partner, we also have early access to information about Microsoft's planned roadmap and take this information into account in finding sustainably available solutions for our customers.

Microsoft Partner

M&M Software is Cloud Solution Provider

As a Cloud Solution Provider, we can accompany you on the complete path of your digital transformation.

Together with you, we select the Azure services that are right for you, implement a solution tailored to your requirements and, if requested, we also operate these solutions for you in the cloud based on a service level agreement. We will also take care of the monthly billing of Azure resources to Microsoft for you.

Our status as a Cloud Solution Provider also includes an Advanced Support Agreement with Microsoft. This enables us to discuss critical issues for our customers quickly and directly with Microsoft experts. Whether in the architecture design phase or later during operation.

M&M Software is your Partner for Solutions on Microsoft Azure

With M&M Software, you gain a partner who reliably and competently assists you in unlocking the benefits of what we consider to be the world's best public cloud for you and your solutions.



Volker Herbst - Sales Manager
Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

Sales Manager

Location: St. Georgen
Tel.: +49 7724 9415-52

Dirk Stadtherr - Sales Manager
Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

Sales Manager

Location: St. Georgen
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