In addition to basic parameterization and configuration of the devices, these tools often offer value-added functionalities, such as calibration of the device, evaluation of stored data, provision of maintenance and service information, and much more. Therefore, they are essential components and increasingly serve as a selling proposition for the device manufacturer.

Our Decades of Expertise is the Foundation of Every New Solution

M&M Software has been successfully implementing device configuration and parameterization solutions for more than 30 years, which are used in the following areas, among others:

  1. Automation technology (e.g., controllers, field devices, sensors, actuators, drives, etc.)
  2. Laboratory and medical equipment (e.g., robots, analyzers, centrifuges, etc.)
  3. Smart products (e.g., cleaning or forestry equipment, tools, etc.)
  4. Machinery and equipment (e.g., presses, woodworking machines, paint lines, semiconductor equipment, etc.)


Depending on the specific application or usage scenario and customer requirements, a device configuration and parameterization solution can be implemented in various ways:

  1. As a PC / desktop application with device connection via a fieldbus or a protocol, such as HART, Profibus, Modbus, IO-Link or OPC UA, or via a proprietary interface, or a service interface.
  2. As a mobile app with device connection via Bluetooth.
  3. As a web application that runs directly on the corresponding device and is accessed via LAN or WLAN using a browser.
  4. As an IoT application that communicates with the device via an IoT protocol, such as MQTT, directly or via an (edge) gateway.
  5. As an integration component, e.g., based on FDT/DTM, FDI or EDD technology, for integration into higher-level control or engineering systems.

Modern Industry 4.0 Concepts Offer Enormous Possibilities

In addition to these more "classic" approaches, Industry 4.0 is opening up further powerful possibilities, e.g., through the use of the "Digital Twin" or "Asset Administration Shell" concepts and through initiatives such as the "Open Industry 4.0 Alliance".

The focus here is on the entire life cycle of the "asset". Comprehensive information and services relating to the device can be used consistently in many different scenarios and systems - starting with the design right through to the disposal of the device. These concepts are consequently much more comprehensive than the "classic" solutions for parameterization and configuration.

Achieving the Optimal Device Configuration Strategy with M&M Software

M&M Software follows these developments very closely and is actively involved in the responsible organizations and standardization committees. Even though it will still take some time until all theoretical concepts can be implemented practically, we already take tomorrow's concepts into account when designing new solutions today and provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects relating to your optimal device configuration strategy.

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