For its customers, M&M Software develops and operates solutions for the Internet of Things in general and the Industrial IoT in particular.

  1. Control manufacturers use platforms to operate distributed IoT infrastructures that enable their customers to manage distributed properties centrally.
  2. Machine and plant manufacturers implement intelligent service platforms that enable the uninterrupted monitoring of their globally installed plants.
  3. Operators of production facilities are also collecting important process data, in some cases across locations, and using it to optimize their manufacturing processes.
  4. Manufacturers of all kinds of technical items transform their products into smart products with our help, generating added value for their customers.
  5. Operators of wind farms and other energy producing plants monitor and control their plants from a central location and thus optimize the energy yield and energy utilization.
  6. Municipal utilities use IoT solutions to monitor their power distribution systems.

Customized Vertical System Solutions

High-performance IoT solutions are multi-stage vertical system solutions. In the solution architecture, this means that each stage takes on specific tasks in the overall solution and must work with the neighboring stages in an optimal way. The number of stages used can vary depending on the use case and area of application.

In the industrial environment, for example, we often rely on a 4-tier solution architecture consisting of a device or sensor layer in production, an edge layer located close to the production site, the cloud service layer in the public or private cloud, and the enterprise layer with systems such as ERP or CRM.

With M&M Software, you gain a partner who supports you competently on all levels of the IoT solution architecture. Our services not only include finding the right architecture for your IoT solution, but also implementing the necessary software components at all system levels.

  1. IoT connectivity in devices, sensors, edge devices and edge gateways
  2. Data storage, data transformation and analytics in cloud and edge
  3. Web-based asset management and data visualization in cloud and edge
  4. Integration of cloud-based service platform with Enterprise Tier


In IoT solutions, topics such as cybersecurity and data governance play a key, mission-critical role. We support them at all levels through standardized methods for authentication and authorization and data and communication encryption, but also by following security-by-design principles in development.

Azure IoT Platform or Cloud Native?

Our preferred cloud platform is Microsoft Azure. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we have a deep understanding of the services and benefits of the Microsoft IoT platform and combine the numerous available IaaS and PaaS services efficiently for your individual IoT solutions. Using the Azure Cloud platform, we also offer our customers the option of operating their completed solution over the long term in accordance with their service level requirements.

However, at the same time, we also see a partial desire for greater independence from the cloud platform provider. Here, with our cloud-native approach, we offer the possibility of making a later potential switch to other cloud providers easier. We rely on micro-service architectures based on Kubernetes and Docker, integrating proven open-source components and abstraction technologies such as DAPR, which simplify a later switch to another cloud environment.

Long-term Security through Standards

Early adaptation of established or emerging standards in the industrial environment plays an important role in the implementation of future-proof IoT solutions. Through our membership in organizations such as the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance or the OPC Foundation FX Initiative, we are in constant exchange with other renowned companies about what IoT solutions are going to look like in the future. The knowledge we gain about tomorrow's architectures is already being incorporated into our solutions today.

M&M Software is Your Experienced Partner for IoT Solutions

With M&M Software, you gain a competent and, in particular, experienced partner in this technology, which is still quite new for many. We advise you on the business model definition, develop a viable system architecture, implement the solution and also ensure continuous availability during operation.

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Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

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Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

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