Chain saw, lawn mower, high-pressure cleaner, forklift truck, beverage dispenser, coffee machine or vacuum cleaner - products that operated purely mechanically until just a few years ago are evolving into intelligent, complex systems. These products must continue to perform their core tasks to a high standard of quality. The decisive added value and additional benefits are increasingly being provided by additionally integrated software functionalities. These functionalities include, for example, services related to fleet management (location monitoring, recording of operating hours, maintenance planning, etc.), device management (updates, parameterization and configuration), remote maintenance and diagnosis, or the supply of consumables.

Software-based services can be provided in various ways:

  1. Device software with corresponding human-machine interface (HMI) located directly on the product.
  2. Smartphone app with direct connectivity to the product, e.g. via Bluetooth or NFC.
  3. Connection of the product to the Cloud and use of the device functionalities via the Internet.

Use M&M Software to Create Added Value

M&M Software develops for you

  1. device-oriented software with a modern UX design
  2. Apps on all common platforms
  3. Cloud services based on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS & Co.

We take responsibility for the success of your product development: from requirements analysis and development to safe operation and the associated maintenance and support tasks.

For Smart Products, M&M Software also uses its decades of experience in the development of individual technical applications that have to prove their reliability 24/7 in an industrial environment.

In-depth experience with wireless remoting and local communication technologies and comprehensive application knowledge in the areas of device, asset and fleet management complements perfectly with our know-how about the requirements for modern software applications.

Experience Software by People with Passion and convince yourself of our comprehensive range of services. In a partnership and solution-oriented manner, we accompany you to sustainable success.


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Volker Herbst - Sales Manager
Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

Sales Manager

Location: St. Georgen
Tel.: +49 7724 9415-52

Jörg Olsen
Jörg Olsen

Jörg Olsen

Sales Manager

Location: Hanover
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