M&M Software offers a wide range of consulting services. Contact us for advice on the development of digital business models and on solutions that fit your business ideas. To get started, benefit from our free Inspire Workshop.

New Business Model Ideas with the Inspire Workshop

In our Inspire Workshop "New business ideas through IoT, Cloud & Co" our trained moderators guide you methodically through the workshop, supporting you with best practice examples, many years of technical expertise and industry know-how. We consider the business model and technologies as a holistic solution.

Different solution approaches are structured from the customer's point of view, evaluated, and summarized into a convincing value proposition. Using this as a basis, we outline implementation options on which you can conceptually build upon.

Digital business models are multifaceted - typical business models in the automation environment are e.g., smart data, smart products, platform economy.

Smart Products

With Smart Products, the supplier of a product (usually after the sale) can continuously offer a service as a supplement to its product.

Edge and Cloud systems are used as technology to capture data at the point of origin, possibly pre-process it and then store it in the Cloud platform.

M&M Software implements the following Smart Product solutions:

  1. Value-added services for a product, such as verification and calibration
  2. Condition monitoring for predictive or optimized maintenance
  3. Maintenance support, such as assistance in use, repair or replacement
  4. Operator models, e.g., Machine as a Service. In this case, the customer pays for the use/output of the machine instead of purchasing the machine.


Software-as-a-Service offers the end customer the advantage of using software solutions as a web or cloud service. The need to set up their own IT infrastructure for the introduction of a software solution (server, deployment on client systems, etc.) is eliminated, along with update management.

M&M Software develops software solutions and platforms that make it possible to offer Software-as-a-Service solutions in the following areas, among others:

  1. Operation and monitoring of plants, machines, equipment groups, ships, vehicles, etc.
  2. Product selection, engineering, operation and monitoring, online configuration
  3. Asset management and condition monitoring
  4. Acquisition, archiving and evaluation of measurement data


On request, M&M Software can of course also take over the operation of a solution in the Cloud.

Platform Economics

Platform economics enables revenue streams around one's own product and establishes the development of an ecosystem of complementary products and services.

There are basically two ways to do this:

  1. As a platform operator, you build your own product and service platforms. You make these available to partners, who in turn offer services via apps or stores. Revenue is generated through commission from partners or the sale of your own value-added offerings.
  2. Without your own platform, you can supplement your product by making apps and services for your product available on the platforms of other providers.


Examples of platform economy solutions that we implement:

  1. Industry stores or service platforms for services to products or product groups.
  2. Cloud platforms for managing your own and third-party products.

Smart Data

Business models are based on the analysis and evaluation of data about products and services in combination with data from customer processes and (optimally) other participants in a system. By recognizing patterns such as anomalies or trends, including deviations, and interpreting these situations in terms of the customer process, conclusions can be drawn, or predictions made by machine learning. The information generated in this way can be combined to create added value that provides a monetary advantage.

Examples of Smart Data solutions from M&M Software:

  1. Cloud platforms for the provision and use of data
  2. Services based on data for the optimization of products and processes

With M&M Software Towards a Successful Business Model

Choosing the appropriate option - modified or bundled - depends very much on the target markets and your own strategic goals. Together with you, M&M Software examines your environment and creates a roadmap to develop a successful and profitable business model for you.

With M&M Software you have a partner at your side, who not only advises you initially, but also competently assists you in the implementation of your business model.

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