Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) differs from traditional, mostly locally installed software by its usually subscription-based licensing model, its deployment in a cloud, and by its multi-tenant architecture. Using a SaaS solution, you offer your customers the following key benefits, among others:

  1. greater mobility
  2. better co-operation
  3. faster innovations
  4. easy scalability
  5. proven lower total costs of ownership

High Demands for Running a SaaS Solution

To offer your customers these benefits on a permanent basis and to their full satisfaction, you must overcome several challenges when operating the solution:

  1. Continuous and reliable availability of the solution during the agreed operating hours.
  2. Stable performance of the solution.
  3. Fast help for users regarding all questions and problems that may arise.
  4. Fast and efficient implementation of new market requirements.
  5. Transparent cost control for you and your customers.
  6. Effective defense against attacks.

We provide you with comprehensive support in meeting these key requirements.

Efficient Operation is a Core Aspect of Requirements and Architecture

A key success factor for the later efficient operation of your solution is the consideration of the specific needs of this operation already during design.

We therefore take special care to ensure that these essential, non-functional requirements are fully considered and not forgotten in the early planning phase. Typical aspects include:

  1. conservation of resources
  2. data security
  3. access control
  4. redundancy
  5. data protection
  6. logging
  7. monitoring
  8. Cost tracking
  9. dynamic scalability
  10. online updating
  11. data migration

We ensure that these aspects are included in the requirements catalog and are also fully supported by the resulting system architecture.

Binding Clarity through SLAs

Not only do we plan this operation in advance in cooperation with you, but we will also actively support you by providing additional services during the implementation.

If requested, we will agree on a binding Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you during the course of the project. Such an SLA is based on a standardized contract template that reflects our best practices but is individually tailored to your needs. Your specific requirements for operation and the services to be provided by us in this respect are thus defined in a clear, comprehensible, and binding manner for both parties.

A Broad Spectrum of Possible Services

As part of such an SLA agreed, we can take over the following tasks for you, among others:

  1. Configuration and management of all necessary subscriptions and basic services with the cloud provider
  2. Roll-out of the solution (go-live) and continuous updates of the solution
  3. Patch management for the infrastructure and platform services used
  4. Permanent monitoring of availability, costs and security
  5. Transparent cost recording and reporting
  6. On-demand automatic or manual scaling of the resources used
  7. Automated incremental data backups
  8. Management of certificates
  9. Statistics and diagnosis of user behavior
  10. Trouble shooting in close cooperation with your first level support
  11. Management of service tickets
  12. Planning and testing of additional disaster recovery strategies
  13. Transparent security incident management

DevOps and Automation Assists in Saving Costs

Your M&M Software project team will perform these and, if necessary, other defined tasks within the framework of a DevOps strategy based on agile principles that reflect the current state of the art in software development.

In order to keep costs under control, the activities that are necessary to ensure the SLA are automated as far as possible. In addition, an individually adapted internal operations manual is created in the further course of the project, which defines the measures required to ensure the SLA.

Attractive Offer from a Single Source

With this extended offer, M&M Software provides you not only with the professional realization of a successful Software-as-a-Service solution, but also with competent support during its operation. And all this from a single source and without any confusion of responsibilities when it comes to solving potential problems. Use these advantages for yourself and contact us.



Volker Herbst - Sales Manager
Volker Herbst

Volker Herbst

Sales Manager

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Dirk Stadtherr

Dirk Stadtherr

Sales Manager

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