A leading international manufacturer of automation components commissioned M&M with the support of a software concept for the parameterization of IO system components.

In a preliminary consultation phase, the strategy, goals and priorities for the project were worked out together. The requirements of future software users were precisely determined with the help of specific interview questions and personas (fictitious users of the software) were created.


In workshops, use cases were developed to identify and document the relevant target processes. In addition, the functional and non-functional requirements were determined and recorded. Wireframes, mockups and storyboards were used to prioritize and refine the requirements. In short, regular intervals, UI proposals were created that were discussed directly with the client. All results were uniformly documented in a requirement specification.

Based on these specifications, M&M  developed technical solution proposals for the realization of the project.

Thanks to his intensive involvement and direct cooperation, the customer was able to start the successful implementation of the project plan together with us and without a long lead time.

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Applied methods

Strategic product planning, requirements management, User-Centric Design, interviews, workshops

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